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I'm not a gamer, absolutely not a gamer. My love for Kyuhyun is way over being just a gamer. He's my very own angel. ~

99% Super Junior
1% another things.
Ahra’s cyworld entry on May 15th during Kyuhyun's longstay in China;_; ♥


Ahra’s cyworld entry on May 15th during Kyuhyun’s longstay in China;_;

At 5.55am in the morning, I was awoken by the “smile” ringtone…
(lol, its Kyu’s Smile, so sweet)

Kyu: Sister~
Sis: Oh… Oh!!! What are you doing? Are you sleeping? How’s everything?
Are you feeling unwell? Are practices tiring for you?
Kyu: You’re sleeping? Oh. Its nothing. Don’t worry.
I’m working very hard. It’s okay.
Sis: I’m awake now. What happened? Are you unwell? Are you tired?
Why did you call for?
Kyu: Nothing, I just wanted to call. Nothing, there’s nothing.
I just wanted to call back.
Sis: Is it hard living in China?
Kyu: Yeah, its tiring.
Both: ………. (silence)
Sis: Fighting!
Kyu: Sis, fighting!
Sis: I miss you
Kyu: Hmmm…
Sis: Love you!
Kyu: Me too!

Using a dry voice with a dry tone, on the surface, the seemingly unfeeling you keep many things to yourself, but you’ve said warm words that are so good to hear… I broke down with tears that are hard to hide, and almost overflowing from my heart.

You’re tired right? But who will understand? Those who haven’t been through all these will surely not understand. Although we might not be able to be as close and talk about everything, but I understand you every little bit. Even if its like that, I feel very fortunate already.

Who will truly know about that type of thing?
I know. I know. It’s alright. So, it’s okay.
It doesn’t always mean that I must understand your current feelings, but you already felt it and said you understood me. And with that… my heart is in pain. If only we could live our whole lives not knowing anything…both of us not faking anything, just like in the past where we had no troubles, you do what you wanted and I did what I wanted, for you, for me, and joking with each other with no worries at all… just because it was funny and we played around with each other…

Comparable to other siblings, what’s even more special is that you’re thinking of your sister. For other people’s handsome brother, my brother thinks that his sister is the prettiest. The both of us treasure each other more than anyone else. Our parents who have brought us up, have given us more love as compared to others in our growing up years, which have now turned into memories…

For now, with just a word of “Fighting!”, I have understood everything. My strength is recharged. I thought of your bright smile… You and Me, but just like that we got separated. Those who can’t see (the truth) would probably think it’s great… but what about us? Who have never fought before since we were young? Separation needs some getting used to, but it’s definitely just not like that.

I miss you.

I really miss you. I want to see your smile. You were like that too this morning, right?


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Kangin was worried about the baby being cold Cr : mai860824

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Boy from Wonderland 140215 index update 3 of 3.


[TRANS] @GaemGyu: Moon Embracing Kyu from yesterday~ Last performance! With ShimChwang, Ungmin-ee hyung, JoonMyun-ee, Luluhan, and Minsuk-ee ^^ It was an enjoyable performance! (c)

If you are to describe ELF in your heart, what would it be? 

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Ryeowook eating some delicious fruit. 

too enjoying it tho.haha.cute!!

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ryeowook ~ blue&green

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